Hand Set Letterpress Wood Type

What is Letterpress

Letterpress is a centuries-old form of relief printing and one of the most popular and luxurious forms of stationery available today.

The invention of moveable type and the printing press is credited to Johann Gutenberg in the mid-15th century. Although printing presses have dramatically changed since their invention the principle remains the same. Raised images or type are placed in the bed of a press and then a print is made using immense pressure and ink.

Letterpress stationery today is often printed using either photo-polymer or magensium plates. Printing plates can be made from art designed on the computer. Hand-set type, wood and linoleum carvings are also commonly used for posters and other artwork. Today, letterpress is known for it’s distinctive crisp impressions on soft cotton paper.

Our Shop

The Elefant Letterpress shop is located in the historic arts district of Deep Ellum
in Dallas, Texas. Our shop is our second home. Come by and see us and our
collection of wood type, paper stocks and letterpress samples.

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Dallas Letterpress Printing Shop Dallas Letterpress Printing Shop in Deep Elum